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Perfect Driving School

Perfect Driving School was established in 1973 and was registered in Nigerian Corporate Affairs commission as a limited liablitiy company in 2004 and was recognized by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) in 2012.We are Poised to initiate a revolution for proper and safe driving culture in Nigeria. We train and certify learner Drivers via the FRSC DSSP new platform and also partner with FRSC mandate of eradicating road traffic crashes and creation of safe motoring enviroment in Nigeria.

We are the most vibrant and advanced Driving School in Nigeria that can equip you in one month with a cheapest cost and qualify instructors.Our training courses are certified by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC/DSSP) giving us the opportunity to deliver our services effectively and efficiently with best guides and recommended practices.We offer various kinds of training services to meet up to the learners convinience and choice. Our Driving School over the past 33 years, has successfully trained more than 30,000 student drivers and thus carved a niche for ourselves as Nigeria's biggest and most patronised driving school.

Our driving instructors work hard and always on time to provide practical driving intuition with high concern for safety. We have track record of 99.9% pass rate for all our students. Our trained student drivers not only acquire valid certificates for their license but are able to drive defensively after their lessons.

Our Commitment

We are committed to a long-time prosperous business. We have designed and implemented our marketing, administrative, and operating systems to fulfill our customer's expectations through continuous improvement. This has required total involvement of our committed and professional staff. We provide the training and support necessary partnership for our team to accomplish our mission.

Our Mission

Promote High Quality driving education on defensive driving or training of international standard and recognition.

Grant quality driver training at reasonable cost.

Provide a driver education that will inculcate all the qualities of a good driver in the individual.

Provide a type of driver training that enable the individual to create employment for him or herself.


Our unique One-to-One driving system ensures that one student is assigned to one instructor, one car at your convenient time and days, cars with 1hr Daily


We promote high quality driving education on defensive driving or training of international standard and recognition.We also provide quality driver training that enable our students to create employment for themselves.

Our Courses

TrainingDurationDuration Per DayPrice
Executive1 Week
2 Hours


Refreshers Course2 Weeks
30 minutes


Weekend Specials14 Saturdays1 HourMale=




Regular1 Month
30 minutesMale=





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Driver Safety Procedures

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Driving Caution Signs

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Driving Lessons

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MORNING8:30AM to 9:00AM-----------------12:00PM

N/B: The first time indicates departure whereas the later indicates end of each session.
Each session lasts for 3 hours.
Theory classes comes up once in two weeks (Friday) time 9:00AM-12:00PM.

Over 400 Trainers
30,000 Graduates
Over 10 Locations Covered
99% Pass Rates

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We offer various kinds of training services to meet up to the learners convenience and choice.

What We Do

We are not just a driving school.We are exceptional in our services.We deliver quality and utility.


We dissipate confidence into the hands of our customers.

Because we believe that confidence goes a long way to enhance every driver's technique.We teach every one the way to drive.


We offer first hand driving techniques.

As much as we offer utility,we always love to inculcate driving techniques in our customers.This is because knowledge is power.Therefore,we give our best.